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Lee Millner, Wm.

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B Shepherd, Wm. August 8 Wilson M. July 19, Rev. Dempsey AA from ; accts of Wilson M. Dempsey — for the family in July 19, W. Saunders and Pitt Woodroof. July 18, Rev. Dempsey AA William M. Dempsey acct. Dempsey, same for Westley G. Dempsey, Admr. Dempsey sic, Wilson M. Dempsey This sum paid John B.

Duncan 5. May 16, and August Rev. Dempsey to Jno. May 27, Rev. Deeds Vol. Dempsey 1, Patrick Drummond 2, Wilson M. January 20, Deed Bk. Upon consideration whereof the court doth ratify and confirm the said report except so much thereof as relates to the portion of Seaton Y Dempsey. And the court doth further order that the said Zacharias Drummond who is hereby appointed a commissioner for the purpose do convey by deed with special warranty the lands in the bill and proceedings mentioned to the respective purchasers thereof at their several costs.

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And the purposes of this suit having been attained the court doth order that the same be discontinued. As seen above William never returned to Amherst and by all matters having to do with his estate had been settled. Why did Wilson M. In , his wife Martha Dempsey is listed in Amherst County census with her two young daughters.

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Was he away from home on some kind of business? Norma searched everywhere even through a box of loose papers that was accessable to the public at the Amherst County Courthouse. Without these documents I would have believed the information given in the following:. What complications this would have caused in further research! The mention of the marriage certificate being by the Rev. James BOYD is new information not found on the permission slip or bond.

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Could it be that Jane and William, and maybe even Tandy, were siblings? The image found on ancestry. The transcription of the census on Ancestry. There may have been a fifth son who pre-deceased his parents. Also in the household was a young woman aged between The acres of land that he owned at the time of his death was located in Buffalo Springs, Amherst County, now known as Forks of Buffalo and located twelve miles west of the present town of Amherst on U. Route Many land deeds from show that William shared lines with several neighbors notably Higginbotham, Sandidge, Rucker, Coleman, Gillespie, Rowsey, and Toler.

In we see William as the head of household in the census however he is not included in the count.

Also in the household are his wife, the six known children as well as an unknown male under 10 and an unknown female His wife Martha, no longer using her nickname Patsey, had their two youngest daughters in her household. Their married sons Isham and Seaton had their own households. Young Wesley may have been with his brother Seaton.

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  5. I found Norma when I began researching my paternal family history on the internet in Strong single women who raised their families in an era when rights and priviliges of women were limited. It is my belief that my third great-grandfather Seaton Y. But, until I find proof, he is Seaton Y. Seaton was their second child born abt. He had the following siblings:.

    Sib 1: Wilson M. Seaton Y. Following his marriage, Seaton was seen with his young wife Clementine and a male age 10 and under 15 years in the census. This young man was most likely his brother Wesley.

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    Garrett Hon. James W. Updike Jr. James F. Grand Juries, 1st day of Term. Cases set on Term Day; cases also set between docket calls by agreement of court and counsel. Court convenes a.

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    Commissioners in Chancery are utilized. Amherst County distributes final orders in civil cases by regular mail to attorneys of record, or to pro se litigants, within two business days of receipt of the signed order in the Clerk's Office, from the Judge. Payment Policies for Fines and Costs. Courts in 24th Circuit.

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    Pay Criminal Cases and Traffic Tickets. Payment Plan Policies for Fines and Costs. Amherst General District Court.