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In an industry like ours, change is the only constant - so this makes Silverpop a very good fit for TI. Making the jump to marketing automation has been a seamless one, thanks to the capabilities available in Engage. We also greatly value the opportunity to provide input toward future development, as our needs change.

Tracking results for automated programs is very manual does not calculate open and click rates and time consuming. It's also not possible to pull reports for multiple programs at once, as can be done using 'comparison report' for push emails.

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Silverpop is a powerful and comprehensive tool for digital marketers, and is apprprioate for companies of varying sizes, as well as both B2B and B2C models. It's particularly well-suited for companies with large, accurate customer databases and the ability to track customer actions on their websites to use as marketing automation triggers. Dimitris Rakopoulos. We offer Silverpop as a marketing solution for our clients. We provide professional services around the email marketing, marketing automation. Scoring features are provided by Silverpop.

The tools sets provided allows us to run automated campaigns and monitor the results in an effective way. Also, the integration features gives us the mechanisms to connect and ecommerce system and get insights on the performance of our campaigns. The overall interface looks a bit old fashioned. However, areas of the solution have been revamped on each update with latest technologies. In case of marketing automation Silverpop Engage gives the right tools to perform complex automation tasks with ease.

The provided interface is so intuitive that it is extremely easy to perform even the most complex automatic processes. The ability to combine email, sms and other systems gives flexibility and helps exploit the tools set provided to the fullest. Amanda Wheeler. CornerStone Telephone Company Telecommunications , employees.

We used Silverpop for email marketing to prospects and current customer base.

It was chosen based on its integration with Salesforce. It allowed us to easily track communications to these audiences and engage our sales team in follow ups on those communications. Silverpop Engage is well suited for Salesforce. The support on the product was phenomenal when needed. The personal training was lacking unless you wanted to pay for it, but their online courses were helpful and always available.

I would refer back to them frequently. Carey Marston. SmartPak Retail , employees. Silverpop is currently being used to power our entire email program, run by our e-commerce department, from promotional messages, browse behavior, confirmation email and more. The variety of messages we send span across the entire organization and assists us in easily and quickly communicating with our customers and driving revenue. Automated Messages - we currently have over 70 automated messages going out on any particular day through feeds and API calls that we pass to Silverpop.

We rely on these automated messages to communicate to our customers and can rely on Silverpop to always be up and running to get these messages out. Robust query building - We can target customers easily based on a combination of demographic profile data, as well as email and site behavior and purchase behavior, allowing us to finely segment our audience.

Deep dive reporting - the UI reporting, as well as the available reports to download through the API give us tremendous insight into how our subscribers are responding to email. Testing - The testing functionality could be a bit more robust. Frequency caps - while Silverpop does offer frequency caps, we would like to be able to set frequency caps depending on whether it is a promotional message or an account related message.

Currently, it sets it at the organizational level, which could potentially prevent somebody from not getting an account related email if the max emails for that day went out, even if promotional. For this reason, we don't use frequency settings. Reporting on automated messages within the same campaign could be rolled up a little better.

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Using the UI today, to get to any detailed reporting of a particular campaign, you have to go into each individual mailing sent. For this reason, we typically use the API, but that might not be an option for some people due to a little more technicality. Overall, we have been extremely satisfied with Silverpop, the platform, as well as the high level of account support we have. Outages are rare, if any, and we are always notified well in advance if there is a release usually once or twice a year , that could short term affect the speed of the system.

For someone looking at Silverpop during the selection process, some key questions to ask could be how they handle import of data, whether email lists or data from your e-commerce platform as well. What is on their roadmap that will help handle more of the messaging and trying to prevent recipients from getting too many emails in 1 day more easily - currently a bit manual to manipulate each individual query. Silverpop is a self-service platform, so someone looking for more full-service should ask about the level of support they might receive and if they offer any full-service features. John Mix, PMP.

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At the moment we are using solely for sending email to our donors or those who signed up to receive emails from us, like newsletters and updates on programs. Selecting the group that received the email. Though it may not be intuitive to navigate it does allow for some sophisticated segmentation. The integration with Salesforce is very easy to manage.

The navigation process is a bit bulky. For example, trying to open a "link" in a new tab or back arrowing, only opens the page you're on. Does not open the object you either want to see or were working on.

The filing of cloned queries or emails is annoying. It always defaults to the main folder regardless of your filing structure. How advanced or sophisticated is the email program. Silverpop tends to lean toward the more complex side and my not be necessary for programs that are more straightforward. Alexis Garberis. Igni Marketing and Advertising , employees.

Silverpop has a great learning process to start using the product and features, and one of the best Support Services I've ever experienced. Silverpop has an easy to set-up product in order to implement simple campaigns and then you can use more sophisticated features for more complex campaigns. It offers comprehensive integration options to CRM solutions such as Sugar and Salesforce, both with native integration and via a comprehensive suite of APIs, allowing us to automate and have an easy vision of our own marketing and lead generation activities. Intuitive interface; work from left to right to join up data contacts , email creative, campaign automation, reporting and integrated products.

Great automation capability: set up and automate the easy stuff quickly, allowing you to pay more attention to the hard stuff.

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My clients are crying out for a drag and drop email editor. The inbuilt reporting suite could do with an overhaul and to allow users to build more customised reports. Some elements of the reporting could do with better filtering options as well, or start with a filter rather than loading everything in the first instance. This is a great product and its top feature to me is how easy it is to get up and running with it. You can learn the basics easily via the on demand eLearning and quickly be automating simple email campaigns. So if you're a small team with limited IT resources, you can get up and running with automated campaigns from a simple spreadsheet and some HTML in no time.

Jennifer Lewis. SafeNet, Inc. Information Technology and Services , employees. We have been using Silverpop Engage for the past 3 years, but I've only been responsible for the system for the past year. I've worked with it for 2 years. We are using it for emails, landing pages, marketing automation nurture tracks and lead scoring across our global marketing organization.

We were looking to provide sales with the ability to rank leads based on how qualified they are depending on the action they took. Dynamic content - this worked well once we started using it for emails and landing pages. We used this for localized language versions of programs. Data syncing and errors - Silverpop does not do a great job of getting data to sync regularly with our CRM Salesforce. The data had to flow back and forth several times before being added to campaigns and in some instances, it took days to update leads!

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Also, failed lead syncs get stuck in an alert list but it does not notify you otherwise that a lead failed the sync. Design issues - we use custom HTML to build emails and landing pages, and we were unable to render background images on our campaigns. Also, once you toggle between design and source code view to make edits, it often broke the code and threw off the design. Reporting - it is not very comprehensive and we had difficulty generating the level of reporting that we need to have.

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Support - there are a few gems in the support team who know what they're doing, but largely calling support is a lesson in frustration. Product bug fixes - in two instances, my open support tickets were identified as product bugs. One related to incorrect cookie tracking which was causing our leads not to be scoring properly. They determined that this wasn't critical enough to build into their product fix road map. This is core to an automation system working properly.

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Silverpop is possibly an option for companies who are just starting with automation in general or are on a tight budget. For us, we run campaigns globally in multiple languages and we are quickly outgrowing it as our automation needs increase. We need an automation program that can grow and scale with us. Also, its important to have a support team that's responsive and listens to the issues that customers face and makes the necessary improvements.

We are looking at other solutions like Pardot and Marketo and they have functionality and usability that far surpasses what we have in Silverpop. Maureen Kolb.