Death records from st petersburg russia

By comparison, the average western European man could expect to live to be 77, about 17 years longer than his Russian counterpart. The average western European woman could expect to live to be 82, about nine years longer than the average Russian woman.

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The Lancet's Russian study was based on a long-term, large-scale study of drinking patterns and deaths in three industrial cities in western Siberia: Barnaul, Biysk and Omsk. Researchers conducted tens of thousands of personal interviews and mined death records in gathering data for the report.

They reported finding a strong link between heavy drinking and causes of death associated with high alcohol abuse, including alcohol poisoning, trauma, pneumonia and liver disease. The link between life expectancy and alcohol in Russia has long been the subject of study. Mortality rates fell sharply in Russia from late to , when then Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev imposed strict limits on alcohol sales.

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During the period of political and social revolution that followed, death rates soared to levels unprecedented in modern industrialized nations. By , the reported noted, the chances that a 15 year old Russian male would die before his 35th birthday was one in ten. In Europe, the chances of a year-old male dying by age 35 was one in Vodka's integral role Part of the problem may be the important cultural role vodka and alcohol play in Russian society.

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Moderate drinking is considered healthy by many Russians, and few major events are celebrated without raising a gram glass or two — or three — of vodka. Petersburg cab driver. Beer after work to relax, vodka and beer at the weekends with my family at dinner — it's good for me and the soul is happy. Russians generally blame alcohol deaths on the consumption of adulterated or industrial alcohol.

Alcohol blamed for half of ’90s Russian deaths

Maxim Vdovin, an unemployed St. Petersburg resident, voiced the commonly-held view here that many Russians die because the state does not control the sale of adulterated spirits.

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A previous study carried out by British and Russian researchers and published in the Lancet in estimated that drinking alcohol not meant for consumption like cologne and antiseptics was responsible for nearly half of all deaths among working-age Russian men. A recent government crackdown on the sale of alcohol not intended for human consumption appears to have significantly cut those deaths, experts say. But there is relatively little recognition here that excessive drinking of alcohol in any form, including beer and wine, can lead to serious health problems.

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Discuss: Discussion comments. They are mainly from the to era but some go all the way up to Some are full records while others are only indexes. Online records only include those that are greater than years old. Further information may be available from the Archives and you can find contact information on our Archives Page.

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Please note that virtually all of the films noted below contain records of births, marriages and deaths. Where they do not, there has been a notation made by the page numbers: BM indicates births and marriages only in that portion of the film; D indicates death records only, and so on. This is the oldest long standing German village in former Polish territory, having been settled on the east side of the Bug River in the s.

Though technically in Grodno Province, this settlement is often associated with Volhynia so we are reporting the availability here. A portion of these original records are held in Latvian Archives.

St. Petersburg death records

They were recently digitized and are available for view on line. To view them, first go to the Latvian State Historical Archives page. In the left column, click on "Digital Archive: Raduraksti". When you arrive at that page, you may have to switch to English using the EN at the upper right.

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  • You have to register button, upper right to view the records but there is no charge. The records are not indexed. Petersburg Consistory St. Petersburg route of pastor journals maps member contact. These records are in Zhitomir Archives. SGGEE is currently in an arrangement to extract these records and hopes to publish them in Lutheran records exist in Luck Archives but details are not known at this time.

    Go down to that parish for more details. These records are in Rowno Archives.