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Emergency Medical Services. Providing the best information to the county by utilizing technology and continuing to make the most efficient use of the resources provided. Pursuant to KSA a. A study of the residential subclass real estate market indicated an increase in sales volume with a 6.

The effects of the market are somewhat subdued in the study by the continued practice of using data from the past three years which allows the averaging effect to dampen extreme and sudden changes in prices, either upward or downward. Separate studies of homes built before and homes built after indicated a 5.

Fluctuations within the data were also noted. A review of the commercial subclass real estate market indicated that the market is on an upward trend of 3.

In accordance with the provisions of KSA , the Division of Property Valuation is required to annually furnish each county the results of its study relating to changes, if any, of the Use Value of agricultural land. Changes can occur as a result of several factors including cropping practices, commodity prices, and production costs.

Kansas Real Estate Sales Validation Questionnaire

Use values are not considered in the market analysis provisions of KSA a. County Appraiser.

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The office is also the repository for "maps and plats of cities, subdivisions or additions to the same within [each] county. These records belong to the people of Finney County. We pledge to maintain them in good working order for all to use. Our goal is to provide friendly, efficient service. The Register of Deeds office files and records documents pertaining to real estate, as per state statutes.

We also file state and federal tax liens, mechanic liens on vehicles, other various liens, military discharges, and personal property liens referred to as Uniform Commercial Code UCC filings.